Massachusetts Estate Planning Book

We get it. Thinking about death or disability is the last thing you want to do.  But we also know that most people find great relief once they get a plan in place to protect their assets, take care of their loved ones, and make sure their wishes are followed. We can help- click the link below to get a copy of our free book, "The Road to Peace of Mind," so you can find out exactly what options you should be considering and how to take the first, and easy, step toward peace of mind.

Free Book Reveals...

What do you really need to know to protect your family if something happens to you

  • How to make sure your children are taken care of

  • Planning for your legacy to be properly managed for your children

  • Protecting your assets from estate taxes and costs of nursing home care.

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Why You Need This Book

Protect Your Assets from Taxes

Most people in Massachusetts are closer than they think to the threshold for state inheritance taxes- learn how that works and how you can avoid or minimize your family's liability.

Give Your Loved Ones a Clear Path to Follow

Your assets may eventually get where you want them to go without a will, but your loved ones will be facing uncertainty and possibly disputes at a very difficult time. Learn how to give them a clear road map and take this additional stress off of their plates.

Want to test your understanding of planning basics?

Make a Plan for Your Children

Who will raise them if something happens to you? How can you make sure that everyone is taken care of? Learn how you can provide for your spouse during his or her lifetime but also leave a legacy that is preserved for your children.

Prepare for Incapacity

Estate planning is not only about death, but also what happens if you are unable to make medical and financial decisions during your lifetime. Learn how to plan for this possibility to protect your interests and make it easier and clearer for your loved ones.

"From my first conversation with Emily, I knew I had picked the right law firm to handle my Estate Plan after having procrastinated for some time before I decided it was time to get my estate in order. Previously, I spoke with a couple other lawyers and I did not feel comfortable with their approach prior to calling Emily. Jenna did an excellent job in assessing what I wanted to accomplish and completed my will, trust and other documents in a very short time. I am so happy I made the right choice in choosing Slnlaw as my estate team."

Evelyn Wheeler